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          The company organized the "New Year's Day New Year's Day"

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          On December 27, the days of smog has finally dissipated, the sky became so clear, light company "2016• celebrates the new year, new year's day" events were held on the company basketball court as scheduled.

          The event equipped men's tug of war, women's tug of war, the occupation of positions, radishes, squat, five six-foot-five group games, and a live rings of all personnel may be involved in personal projects. Activities the company attaches great importance to the attention of leaders at all levels, Lian Yunhe Chairman Lu Qingguo, Deputy General Manager of the company and other company officials visiting the event, cheer for team player advice, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of players participating. Logistics services company Deputy Manager Cui Dexing HES tug-of-war in addition to serving as project leader, also is responsible for the overall scheduling, set an example for young people.

          Is, unlike in previous years, this year's has added the women's tug-of-war team. On the field, female players are women to men, solidarity and cooperation, fight, shows the morning our female staff with a good mental Outlook; field, cheering the sound of applause, cheering the players come and go, split the company basketball court into a sea of joy. Occupation positions project in the, with newspaper again and again to was tore into half, station in newspaper Shang of people also began "crumbling" up, into final stage, competition more is trend white-hot, all team each, players are or back or hold or back hold combined, which also has personnel staged "cock", after incentive of race, Chen total representative team eventually to 6 people back hold combined in 1/8 Zhang newspaper Shang insisted 21 seconds get eventually of champion. "Turnip squats and turnip squats and turnip finished squat purple radish squat ……" turnip squatting project on one hand, players react faster and language clarity, support also must have good physical strength, endurance, and become one of the favorite activities of employees. Eventually, the Ministry of Finance Wang Xiuxia fore made the project champion. Five people six foot is one of the the men's favorite, with the referees gave the seven team flew out, the audience concentrate, eyeing the finish line but failed to sort out three prizes, and referee replay video to decide. "Hard race &rdquoAnd to describe this game really is a little too much. 1.5 hours of group competition will be over soon, ushered in a fun ring activities on the site. Seventy or eighty small prizes be orderly placed by staff on the ground, facial cleanser, shampoo, toothpaste, hand cream ……, a ring, a prize was led away. Small prizes, bring you is the joy of harvest, is a good mood.

          After the event, we used QQ in commemorative activities in various ways such as, micro-moments, experiences and harvest, but also expressed strong expectations for the next event. Activities of the Organization, on the one hand makes the company the staff relax mood, joy of body and mind, and mobilize the enthusiasm of the broad masses of employees to participate in sport and exercise.


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